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Oct 24, 2021
In Share Your Memory
We met 16 years ago and soon after that, I called you for your first troubleshooting on my computer. You said, "this won't sound high tech, but try turning your computer off and then on again." It worked and that was the first of our many enjoyable, often philosophical conversations, more often about cycling, hiking, and photography than computers. I enjoyed hearing about your adventures and appreciated your advice on cycling (ride big on the roads) and great places to hike, especially in Waterton. We didn't even pretend that I could use your advice on photography - I just admired your stunning photographs. As I said yesterday, I always admired your passion. Now, I have been equally impressed by the courage and dignity with which you have dealt with the terrible medical challenges you have faced. You have certainly earned the right to make your own decisions about your life journey and I respect your decision. It has been an honour and a pleasure to know you and I hope you rest easy in harmony with the world you appreciated so much. Rich


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