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Anna V
Oct 24, 2021
In Share Your Memory
I first met Andre about five years ago at one of the gatherings in our organization where he worked as a part-time IT consultant. My first impression of him was as a bright, cheerful person with a great sense of humour and incredible (true!) stories who was lighting up everything around him. Many times Andre came to the rescue immediately when I had issues with my desktop computer, patiently answering my numerous questions. I fondly remember our chatters at the office when we were occasionally working on weekends. That is when I learned more about Andre as an outdoor enthusiast, learn about some of his great hiking and cycling adventures, and his passion for photography art. However, one of my warmest memories of Andre comes from the time I was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening condition a few years ago. By that time, Andre had already gone through several surgeries himself, as his illness has been slowly progressing. I remember his words of encouragement as I was going through my treatments when initial prospects seemed uncertain and daunting. Andre, thank you for that, your support meant a lot to me! As someone who was thinking a lot over the past few years about life and death matters and the meaning of life, I was in astonishment at the resilience and courage with which Andre made his decision. Andre, you will always be an example for me how to live every day of our lives to its fullest. Love and peace to you, Anna

Anna V

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