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He Will Forever Be LOVED





Celebrating Andre

This site was created in memory of our Andre Goulet. Our loving friend, sibling, son and adventurer.


Born in Winnipeg

AUGUST 3rd, 1964

The (supposedly) true stories of an amazing man, as written by
himself, with a little help from his friends Kirsten and Robert

André’s legacy started at the tender age of eight when he saved
fourteen kittens from a burning fire, losing his left eyebrow in the

When he turned ten, he started weight lifting, going on to win Mr.
Universe at the age of eleven.

He then went under the radar, quietly and selflessly building numerous
orphanages, until the age of eighteen when a fire broke out at the
local police station. Without hesitation he threw himself into the
inferno (as he is known to do) where he saved all ten workers present,
he unfortunately lost his right eyebrow this time.

Don't worry, the eyebrows grew back strong......his hair however did
not fare so well, but we'll get there.

Inspired by Dar Robinson, he spent a paltry three years as a stuntman. Here he was able to leave his mark on the industry when he taught
Angelina Jolie how to bend a bullet and Jean François Gravelet how to
walk a tightrope with ease (you're welcome Niagara Falls).

André went on to pursue his physical prowess by leading intensive
cycling tours throughout the San Francisco hills (you know those
psycos, with the clip in heels doing twenty three degree inclines for
over an hour) before founding Chippendales.

After this, his attention turned towards operating behind the camera,
and no longer for it.

He quickly exhausted his creative options with contortionist, theatre
and model photos and moved onto his new passion: Grouse whispering and
brussel sprouts!

(Honestly? As much as he's loved, we're best skipping this part.)

This takes us to his honest and earnest love, the people who were a
part of his life adventure.

You read that right. We're getting serious, and to do so, it's best if
we use his own words:

"Live everyday to its fullest and never be afraid of adventure"

André is and always will forever be a force to be reckoned with. His
impact is deep, and with that comes both the joy of his life as well
as the emptiness of feeling the loss of him.

He would not want you to be made sad by his death. This is perhaps
best exemplified by the message he asked us to add to this after he
rolled out (he really loved that wheelchair) for the last time:

"So long and thanks for all the fish!"

He is now gone, loved fiercely, missed heavily and never to be forgotten.


André wanted to ensure that everyone who was a part of his life knows
just how much they meant to him. As he said "There are never enough
words to show my appreciation for all the love I have had in my life.
It's amazing what can happen when you open yourself up, when you
accept love and the pain that can come with it. The happiest parts of
my life are where I learned to accept love and give it back".



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